France Brevet Licenses NFC Patents to Sony

Paris, France April 4th, 2016 — France Brevets, and its affiliate NFC Technology LLC, today announced that they have granted to Sony a worldwide royalty-bearing patent license under their NFC Patent Licensing Program for use in Sony’s products. 

France Brevets Launches a New Licensing Program

Paris – March 24, 2016 - France Brevets acquired patents related to multimedia, computing and communication technology. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. These patents will fuel a new licensing campaign designed, managed and executed by France Brevets. The licensing strategy will be implemented shortly. 

European tech companies and research institutes who believe in the value of intellectual property launch IP Europe

Brussels, January 26, 2016 - Today Airbus, Ericsson and France Brevets announced the founding of IP Europe, a consensus-based non-profit entity. The initiative is aiming at defending patents rights and protecting fair compensations for innovators, balanced opportunities to enter the market, and high quality products at affordable prices for consumers. IP Europe is supported by other leading innovators such as Alstom, the Fraunhofer Institute, and Orange, along with several ground-breaking European SMEs and research institutes.

In the press

French innovations deserve reinforced protection

Poor IP strategies may often be the explanation for the failure of French companies at international level. Since 2011, France Brevets is able to offer innovative companies sharp IP strategy from a global perspective.

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The drain of french patent : a concern ?

France Brevets can provide to innovation makers alternative solutions to monetize and  strengthen their patent portfolios, contributing to the recovery of the French industrial base.

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France Brevets instructions for use

FB explains how monetizing patents creates value for businesses.

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