Our values

Unique position in the world of innovation.

Industry at its heart. France Brevets is a service organisation focused on utilising intellectual property to aid industry in the creation of tangible, long term economic value. Intellectual property remains a key legal and financial asset for many industries and, in turn, for companies within those industries. France Brevets is focused on aiding companies in best developing and managing their intellectual property assets to create tangible benefits in the long term including sustainability, job creation, research funding, reward for technological advancement, and market share protection, for example. France Brevets judges its success by the achievement of these goals for each of its partners.       

Agility. We at France Brevets consider each opportunity as unique. This is why we design bespoke solutions to closely match our partners’ business objectives.

Transparency. France Brevets acts in the most transparent manner and will disclose publicly every patent and licensing programs’ conditions within the limit of our confidentiality agreements.